Target 2035 encourages the use of well-characterized and high-quality pharmacological tools for biomedical research. Some useful resources are listed below.

Learning resources

Public resources for chemical probes: the journey so far and the road ahead (2019) – review of chemical probe resources and recommendations on how to choose the best available chemical probes for research.

Chemical probes webinar hosted by Cell Press (2020) – webinar with practical suggestions to help select the most appropriate research tools.

Will the chemical probes please stand up (2021) – description of a high-quality chemical probes subset (HQCP) curated by the Probes & Drugs portal.

Resource landscape for chemical probes (2021) – Target 2035 webinar with presentations on chemical probe resources.

Enabling and Unlocking Biology in the OPEN (EUbOPEN) –  is an Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) funded project which aims to develop high quality chemical tool compounds for 1,000 proteins (one third of the druggable proteins in the human body).

Chemical probe repositories

Choosing and using chemical probes– one-page guide to choosing and using chemical probes.

Chemical Probes Portal – an online resource for scientists to find chemical probes for biomedical research and drug discovery.

Donated Chemical Probes – collection of chemical probes, associated data, control compounds and recommendations on use and how to order the molecules.

OpnMe – open-access collection of well-characterized, high quality pre-clinical tool compounds from Boehringer Ingelheim.

Structural Genomics Consortium - open-access chemical probes and reagents with no restrictions on use.

Chemogenomic tool repositories

Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research (NIBR) - a repository of compound-target annotations in support of Systematic Chemogenetic Library Assembly

Kinase chemogenomic set - a collection of 187 potent and selective small molecule ATP-competitive inhibitors targeting protein kinases.

Ligand/target activity databases

Probe Miner – a community resource for the evaluation of chemical probes based on large-scale, publicly available, medicinal chemistry data.

The IUPHAR/BPS Guide to PHARMACOLOGY - a searchable database of ligand-activity-target relationships with quantitative information on drug targets and the prescription medicines and experimental drugs that act on them.

The Probes & Drugs portal (P&D) – integrates high-quality bioactive compound sets with a focus on chemical probes and drugs.

Requesting reagents

Epigenetic chemical probe library

Kinase Chemogenomic Set v1.0