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What is Target 2035?

Target 2035 is an international federation of biomedical scientists from the public and private sectors developing and applying new technologies to create by year 2035 chemogenomic libraries, chemical probes, and/or biological probes for the entire proteome (Carter, A.J. et al. Target 2035: probing the human proteome, Drug Discov Today (2019),

The webinar is the perfect opportunity to learn exactly that.

Why Target 2035?

Almost 20 years after the human genome was sequenced, many of the genes linked to disease phenotypes or those associated with specific disease traits by genome-wide association studies remain severely understudied: the so-called ‘dark genome’. 

Generating chemical and biological reagents for these understudied proteins will enable research, lead to the validation of novel therapeutic targets, and the discovery of better medicines.